Beside our nuclear business, classical automobile trade, we want to stand our customers also after the vehicle purchase in all areas all around the subject Car with words and deeds aside.
Besides, everything turns only on a subject: They!

Beside the usual attention for her vehicle the employees of our service team take care around particularly:

Around her distinct contentment!

And to form very pleasantly this all one around you, all repair achievements, postarmaments as well as the purchase can be financed by accessories and / or the upcoming refining of her vehicle about our financing program by full height with favorable month rates.

We offer a wide service offer to our customers and guarantee highly competitive partners, long-standing competence and the best quality in the areas:

Unser Team für:
Service - Logistik - Sicherstellung


  • Workshop service / inspection
    Whether upcoming inspection, winter cheque, holiday cheque or security cheque. Save with our service time and ways. They announce her vehicle here in the house, discuss the circumference of the executive works with us and we look after all other.
  • SAFETY STANDARDS AUTHORITY and AU presentations / badge service
    This service saves you tiresome formalities, time and ways. Announce her vehicle simply here in the house for the presentation and let the decrease of the HU and the MEADOW of the employees of our service unwind teams.
  • The HU occurs through an officially approved supervision-organization. If is found out within the scope of the investigation that works on her vehicle are necessary, we leave this after consultation with you directly and fix the thing.

    Thus you save yourselves the representation (re-examination) and with it linked add-on costs.

    A valid MEADOW is a condition for the presentation to the main investigation.

  • Catch- and bring service
    They have little time? No problem! We meet you with our service in the most true sense of the word. Save yourselves ways and stress. Book against a low remuneration our catch-and bringing service directly with her workshop or service appointment. Employees of our service team fetch her vehicle with you and bring back it after realization of the discussed works again. And you have time for other important things as long as …
  • Filter Kat and particle filter postarmament
    We offer the possibility of the postarmament of catalysts as well as particle filters to our customers. Save taxes by Changing the vehicle in a more favorable tax class.
  • The postarmament of a catalyst is carried out in cooperation with a certificated professional company by us and specifically for vehicle different systems can be obstructed. Many vehicles which are not equipped serially yet with a particle filter can be postprepared easily. The respective postarmament is optimally tuned to her vehicle and the respective motorisation. Much more favorable Einwertungen are reached by the diminished Partikelausstoß in the respective issue class. Therefore you avoid restrictions after the fine dust order for diesel vehicles.
    The postarmament of such a particle filter is promoted, in addition, by the legislator. By the Umrüstung with a particle filter you raise the trade-in value of her vehicle and completely, besides you perform by lower issue values a valuable contribution to the environment protection.
    The attacking costs of such an Umrüstung can be financed within the scope of our financing offer with the purchase price of the vehicle or separately by full height.

  • Work Lackier and bodywork work
    Whether small park damage, bigger accident or optical wounds. With damages in her vehicle we allow to remove this under use of genuine parts and/or spare parts in Erstausrüsterqualität by a company commissioned by us expertly.
  • Besides we take over every kind of Lackierarbeiten from the " small scratch " up to vehicle complete spraying. For a detailed consultation you agree please on an appointment with one of our services employee.

  • Smart-Repair and depression distance
    With this repair method developed during the past years it is possible to remove smaller depressions and Beulen without usually necessary bodywork work together with spraying 'softly'. With tools especially made for this repair method the depression is worked out in manual labor by the specialist systematically with gentle pressure and instinct cleanly. The result is a flawless surface.
    Advantage of this repair method is cost savings compared with customary methods beside the extremely short repair time.
  • Professional passenger car processing
    We do everything, so that her car looks again ' how anew '. Whether on the background of the attainable value increase for perhaps being applied sales of her car or simply because of love
    to her vehicle - Our engaged and especially trained service staff devotes itself in a mehrstündigen treatment to all inside areas and undeveloped outskirt areas of her car.
  • This service encloses (according to circumference of the agreed works) a complete processing of her vehicle incl. professional outside cleaning and inside cleaning, varnish sealing as well as hand or machines polish, upholsterer cleaning / leather care, Cockpit-/plastic care and disc cleaning.

    The circumference of the works can be extended when required by other areas, as for example the distance of fire holes in the upholstery or the processing of scratched plastic parts.

    On account of the time intensity of such an intensive treatment an appointment arrangement is urgently necessary. Please, contact for this the employees of our service teams.

  • Licensing service
    With pleasure we help for you by the licensing or closing of her vehicle. Provided that you liked to admit her vehicle in the licensing district Düsseldorf, Neuss or Mettmann, the employees of our service take over teams against a cost-all-inclusive all necessary formalities. They simply submit to us the temporary cover assent (double map) of her insurance enterprise and can take over the bought vehicle with delivery directly incl. the already mounted signs with us.
  • With registrations in foreign licensing districts we send on receipt of the purchase price payment the Kfz letter to you or the responsible traffic velvet, so that you can carry out the registration of the vehicle already before collection. Therefore you save double ways and expensive transportation sign.

  • Assurance
    Need for the purpose of the licensing the suitable assurance for her vehicle. Also here we can help with pleasure - We hold ready constantly insurance double maps of different insurance societies for you. Therefore the acquired vehicle can be admitted within short time and you save yourselves additional ways.
  • Ripe service
    We offer you favorable conditions for all ripe types and tyre dimensions. In cooperation with different famous ripe services we are able to correspond nearly to every wish of our customers.
    Whether you need new normal tyres or winter tires, individually or as a complete wheel, aluminum or steel rims with and without tyre - We help you in it! And to top conditions. Also here ours can be used naturally payable catch-and bringing service.
  • Carglass-service
    Whether discs new installation or rockfall repair - you bring us her vehicle according to the appointment arrangement and we look after all other: The carglass-specialist comes to us to the house and finishes the work within less hours on site. With pleasure you can take up for the carglass-service ours payable catch-and bringing service and save so valuable time and long ways.
  • Glass damages in the windshield can be repaired in many cases even without having to exchange directly the whole windshield. The costs vary according to vehicle type and integrated technology. The repair is free for Kaskoversicherte. They pay no deduction and are also not graded high. You discuss our employees with pleasure, when a repair is possible and which costs come up to you.

  • Damage certificates and worth certificates
    In collaboration with approved testing centres and independent experts we help by the production of the different certificates.
  • Whether damage certificate or technical certificate for the purpose of the perpetuation of evidence after an accident, current value certificate (Fahrzeugtaxierungen) or certificate for the change decrease according to §19(3) StVZO (registration of follower couplings, wheel-ripe combinations etc.), we hold ready in our service network for every area the adequate expert for you. To save you, in addition, ways and trouble, the investigation of her vehicle if takes place possibly in our rooms. An appointment arrangement is urgently necessary in this case.

  • Accessories
    There are many things which make easier the life to us. Whether navigation system, state heating or follower coupling - We carry out every kind of the accessories-postarmament in her vehicle for you.
    * Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with various accessories specialists we hold ready for all requirements and wishes numerous options at reasonable prices for you.
    All acquisitions of accessories and technology can be financed within the scope of our financing offer quite comfortably.
  • Vehicle refining and tuning
    Nowadays nearly every manufacturer offers a huge number of configuration possibilities for his vehicles. However, the need in individuation cannot be often covered with the compulsory choice. Hence, we offer you in cooperation with our partners numerous possibilities to form her vehicle according to her quite personal predilections. Whether additional refining in the interior by saddler's work or adaptation of the whole appearance of the choice of the rims / ripe combination about bodywork modifications up to increase in output by chip tuning. We have for every area of the vehicle refining the right experts in the hand. For further information you turn please to our sales employees and agree on a consultation appointment.



  • Fleet management
    Their enterprise disposes of middle to big vehicle fleet, however, you would like to realize the luxurious administrative tasks and servicing tasks not in-house?
    Spare her temporal resources! We take over for you the whole care of her vehicle park from the observance of the servicing intervals about the realization all service and workshop work up to seasonal Umrüstung of the vehicles on summer or winter tyre. Naturally we take over for you the whole Handling concerning the contract supervision with the leasing partners and wrap the tone gemäßen object exchange of her to respective vehicles of her fleet competently and reliably for you from. And they can dedicate her time and attention completely to the operational expiries of her enterprise. You receive an offer especially fitted on her needs within the scope of a detailed conversation.

    Please, agree for this on an appointment with one of our sales employees.
  • Vehicle backup and search
    As a long-standing partner of famous banks and leasing societies we have worked about the years away an excellent call if it is about the efficient and reliable winding up of impoverisched contractual relationships. From the detailed search in the approach about the purification of the topical location of her property up to successfully carried out backup - We accompany you reliably, until the contractual relationship is unwound finally.
  • On our backup area in the Düsseldorf south her vehicle of a comprehensive Entrance view control is submitted and examined thoroughly because of perhaps available damages. The vehicle capture in the course of the storage occurs through our trained employees who put on a separate hand act to every vehicle. In the connection we settle her vehicle considering all necessary security editions one to you the release to the marketing give.
  • Naval utilization and fleet marketing
    Also the buying as well as the utilization of big vehicle supplies show for us no specific feature. For many years we look successfully after various majority customers here in the region as well as all over the country. We lay big value, on this occasion, on "One-Hand-Solution", this signifies for you:
    Only one contact and, hence, short ways!
    We determine together with you the realistic market value of the vehicles. For this external famous institutions stand to us beside our house-internal buying and assessment specialists with long-standing and profound professional knowledge also aside.

    There is the possibility of the short-term mediation of the vehicles to our numerous potential customers at home and abroad. Nevertheless, our attention lies in the immediate buying of her vehicle fleet. With pleasure we also buy single vehicles of her vehicle park to day top prices with usual to speedy winding up.
  • Logistics and storage
    With pleasure we make available to you centrally in the Düsseldorf south optimum camp surfaces for the vehicle storages required by you. These set surfaces are used solely by our enterprise especially for the purpose of the vehicle storage. The surfaces are insured and dispose of a high security standard. Besides the location by his immediate highway binding offers optimum logistic conditions as well as very good Be- and Entlademöglichkeiten for the transportation companies.

    According to present planning heated hall surfaces will be available on the area from the next year, in addition. Besides we perform technical assistance concerning the stored vehicles. If desired we offer within the scope of our regular activity other services.
    The vehicle capture in the course of the storage occurs through our trained employees who put on a separate hand act to every vehicle. If requested and against separate calculation the vehicles are grasped digitally under use of modern scanner systems, so that the dynamic data of her continuance are available to you any time on-line.

    We organize Fahrzeugverbringungen at home and abroad by our employees (on own axis or by followers) just as largely invested cartransports by forwarding agencies commissioned by us.
  • Investigation and assessment
    In collaboration with approved testing centres and independent experts we help by the production of the different certificates - from the accident certificate about certificate to the measure of damages up to appraisement of her vehicles. A market value inquiry of her vehicles by our house is likewise possible any time. On direct inquiry we give you even a buying guarantee to the vehicle value ascertained by us.
  • Workshop service / inspection
    Whether upcoming inspection, winter cheque, holiday cheque or security cheque. Save with our service time and ways. They announce her vehicle here in the house, discuss the circumference of the executive works with us and we look after all other.