By many years' experience in the area of Export we have won numerous contented regular customers and dispose therefore worldwide of the best references.

Our trained and engaged employees of the Scholten Internationally - service teams help for them by the winding up of all necessary formalities.

Beside all winding up-technical assistances we look with pleasure if requested after her journey as well as accommodation or provide by her order the delivery of the bought vehicle directly to the desired destination.

A quick and experienced winding up by our house allows a pleasant purchase of our vehicles for the international market to you.

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EU lands

EU lands 

As a private individual with residence in the area of the European Union you can acquire from us any time quite without any problems a vehicle. No other formalities are necessary for this. The vehicle is sold gross with stated value added tax and can be spent by you directly in the country of destination.

For this we procure for you with pleasure the necessary transportation signs.

Authority power of Attorney (coming soon)
Obliging order VOBA (coming soon)
Bank connection leaflet VOBA (coming soon)
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Differently it behaves by the commercial purchase by a company with seat in the economic area of the EU. If you liked to acquire the privilege not to pay the value added tax sentence valid in Germany in each case with us, it is necessary compelling to follow some important points. If you intend to buy a vehicle as internal-common delivery free of sales tax (net purchase) with us, the following proofs must be produced by you: .

  1. Information of a valid sales tax-identification number of her company
  2. Trade announcement, register extract and/or notarial foundation document
  3. Business papers
  4. Entire information to the company on our new customer-admission curve
  5. Valid identity card document of the owner of the company
  6. Full Power / Authority of the collector (with collection by drivers or forwarding agent)
  7. Obliging order / bill of sale signed by the owner of the company
  8. Purchase price payment or deposit by banker's order from the homeland
  9. Proof about the final Export of the bought vehicle in the EU country of destination.
  10. With collection by a forwarding agency enterprise: Shipping note (CMR)
  11. Confirmation about the payment of the sales tax in the country of destination.
  12. Please, absolutely with collection bring: Firm stamp, calling card business paper curve.

All documents submitted to us as well as copies must be clear and be well readable. Hence, we recommend the use of Colour-Scans instead of SW copies.
Without full-extensive attention of all default performed here no sales tax-relieved purchase (net purchase) can be realized in our house.

Authority power of Attorney (coming soon)
Obliging order VOBA (coming soon)
Bank connection leaflet VOBA (coming soon)
Bank connection leaflet SSK (coming soon)
Admission-new customers (coming soon)



If you intend to buy a vehicle for the Export in a country of destination beyond the EU with us, we stand to you in all questions specific for export as usual competently aside. On this occasion, there is in our house no differentiation between vehicle sales in Privately or trade.

Here the requirements put to our exporters:

  1. Valid identity card document of the buyer
  2. Obliging order / bill of sale personally from the buyer signs
    Deposit of a security by height of the stated value added tax
  3. Collector's authority
    With agency of a forwarding agent: Freight papers (CMR)
  4. By transportation of the vehicle on own axis: Documents d. Transportation licensing
  5. After occurred exportation: Return / return of the export declaration with official stamp of the responsible authorities in the performance land as a proof of the final exportation of the purchase-concrete vehicle in the non-European country of destination.

With pleasure we help for you with the following points:

  1. Production of the necessary exportation documents (exportation certificate etc.)
  2. Duty advance manufacturing about our duty number with presentation of the purchase-concrete acquired vehicle in Dusseldorf.
  3. Acquisition of the exportation signs required in each case.
  4. Coordination / organization of freight passages (forwarding agency / Truck / ship).
  5. Restitution of the value added tax security on receipt of the proofs to be produced (in cash or by banker's order) at the end of the agreed test period according to security receipt.
Authority power of Attorney (coming soon)
Obliging order VOBA (coming soon)
Bank connection leaflet VOBA (coming soon)
Bank connection leaflet SSK (coming soon)
Admission-new customers (coming soon)


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